The Blue Tits are growing up!

Some photos from the garden over the last couple of days. The Blue Tit chicks are growing up fast and are reasonably tame. Most of the photos were taken from the dining room through the window, but the one of the Blue Tit on the feeder was taken with me sitting in the garden about 6 feet away from the feeder!

Swallow, caught on camera at last :-)

Swallow, resting Swallow taking offIt has taken a while, but At last a Swallow stayed still long enough for me to photograph it! This one had a nest in the building it is resting on, so I had an idea that if I stayed still long enough and took enough photos I would get one that I liked (i.e. almost in focus). I was lucky, I got two photos I liked! ๐Ÿ™‚