Auster Antarctic – Auster T7 WE600

This piece of mixed media digital art was based around an Auster T7 That I saw at the RAF Cosford Museum. In 1955 Auster Aircraft Limited modified two T7s (WE563 and WE600) for the 1956 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic and they were known as the Auster Antarctic. Changes to the aircraft included extra radio equipment, larger tail surfaces, the ability to be fitted with floats or skis as required and a bright orange finish to aid visibility.

The Sno-Cats are based on an example at the Canterbury Museum in New Zealand. These are hand drawn as I did not have any of my own photos of them. The picture tries to give the feeling of how the Auster would have been used as a spotter aircraft for this exhibition.

The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition undertaken in 1955–1958 was a Commonwealth-sponsored expedition that successfully completed the first overland crossing of Antarctica, via the South Pole. It was the first expedition to reach the South Pole overland for 46 years. It was led by Sir Vivian Fuchs, with Sir Edmund Hillary leading the Ross Sea Support team.