Stranraer waiting for supplies

This week’s piece of aviation art – ‘Stranraer waiting for supplies’.
The Supermarine Stranraer was in active service with the RAF from 1937 to 1941. It’s tasks were submarine hunting and convoy patrols.

There were 58 Stranraes built including the prototype. 40 of those were built in Canada and used by the RCAF until the end of the war. In the UK, the Stranraer was, generally, replaced by the Sunderland.

This piece of composite art shows a Stranraer at berth waiting to be refuelled and rearmed.

The aircraft shown is at the RAF Museum, Hendon. This is the first time I have used a photo that had part of the wings cropped off. Normally I reject these, but looking at other aviation artists, I saw that it could work.