Tank Buster – Hurricane Mk IId

The aircraft shown is a Hurricane Mk IId, an anti tank version of this aircraft. The artwork is based on a photo I saw of this aircraft getting ready to take off on a mission in Tunisia in 1943. The aircraft belonged to RAF 6 Squadron. These aircraft were only used for about a year as they suffered heavy losses through flying low through ant-aircraft fire to attack their targets.

The underwing 40mm cannon did a lot of damage to the armoured vehicles, but it did mean that the pilots had to go close in to get a good result. These aircraft were later replaced with ones that fired rockets. That meant they could be fired from greater distance and reduced the losses in combat to the pilots and aircraft.

This piece of art does not represent any actual event, it is just based on a idea I had in my head.
(c) Tony Harrison-Smith www.harrison-smith.me.uk All Rights Reserved

Mood Board
Mood board showing images used in making this piece of art