Virtual Reality Gallery in AltspaceVr

UPDATE: 19th November 2022 Added ‘Tornado waiting for dome night action’.

Having looked at all the information on the future metaverse (or whatever it will finally be called), it looks to me as though this will be the next phase of the internet. So, I have decided to get in early with a virtual aviation art gallery.

I have set up a virtual art gallery at Aviation Art Gallery | AltspaceVR ( .

Viewing the gallery in VR

I have gone with the Microsoft owned AltspaceVR for several reasons. As it is a Microsoft company it should be around for a while. It seems to be well used and a high majority of adults rather manly kids. It is also available on VR headsets as well as on the PC and Mac so it covers a lot of different hardware.

For those who want to see the gallery, on the PC and Mac go to Aviation Art Gallery | AltspaceVR ( If you are not a member of AltspaceVR you will need to register using your Microsoft account name. You can move around using the following keys:-

w = forwards, s = backwards, a = left and d = right. Use the arrow keys to turn around.

For those using a VR headset, use the entry code OBM499 to go to the world. It is called ‘Aviation Art Gallery’.

This is obviously an ongoing project and will constantly be tweeked and new items of art added. If you favourite the world/Gallery, you can easily find it again to watch the changes as more pieces are added. I would certainly like to hear any comments etc.

My AltspaceVR username is ‘the_old_geezer_uk’ with a display name of Tony (UK), feel free to send me a friends request.