Hampden on Patrol

The Hampden bomber entered service with the RAF in 1938.  Early on in the war, they were gradually replaced with more modern bombers so in 1942 Hampdens were transferred to Coastal command for use as torpedo bombers.. They continued in this role until 1943 when they were transferred to training squadrons. The aircraft depicted here having spotted a U Boat while on patrol, is a Hampden B Mk.1 AE436 PL-J from No. 144 Squadron.

There are no Hampdens in the UK that were suitable to photograph for this artwork, so I bought an old 1940’s postcard that showed the aircraft in flight and used that for my base model.

This piece of art does not represent any actual event, it is just based on a idea I had in my head.

(c) Tony Harrison-Smith All Rights Reserved

Original postcard used as the basis for this piece of art