Air Sea Rescue patrol by a Wessex Helicopter.

This piece of aviation art shows a Wessex HU5 XT761 on an air sea rescue patrol over HMS Hermes.

The Wessex was used by the Royal Navy from 1961 to 1988.

This piece of art does not represent any actual event, it is just based on a idea I had in my head.
(c) Tony Harrison-Smith All Rights Reserved

Buy a print of this artwork: This run of prints will be limited to 100 copies. An A4 print will cost £20 including postage and an A3 print will cost £30 including postage. All prints are on Fine Art paper and will be signed and numbered by myself. To request a print, please fill in the form below. Please mention that iit is the ‘Air Sea Rescue by a Wessex’ that you are interested in and the size that you want, I will get back to you with the payment options.