Super Sabre vs Mig 15

This weeks piece of aviation art. An American Super Sabre takes on two Russian Mig 15s. The aircraft in this artwork are the North American Super Sabre F100D 54-2196, currently at the Norfolk and Suffolk aviation museum and the Mig 15 of the Norwegian Historical Squadron.

As usual, numbered prints are available in several sizes


Sea Furys over the Medway

This weeks Aviation composite is the Royal Navy Historic Flight’s Sea Fury pictured over the Medway. This one was quite hard as the background photo was taken in 2002 with a very small digital instant camera through perspex while still flying the aircraft:-)

The aircraft featured is the Hawker Sea Fury T Mk 20 VX281 120.


In The Zone

Well, after a several weeks of playing and tweaking until I am happy with it, here is my latest piece of artwork. Hope you enjoy it.
I call this piece, ‘In The Zone’. It is based on the statement I heard once. It was “A display pilot should always remove all distractions from his mind before performing his display.”