Sea Furys over the Medway

This weeks Aviation composite is the Royal Navy Historic Flight’s Sea Fury pictured over the Medway. This one was quite hard as the background photo was taken in 2002 with a very small digital instant camera through perspex while still flying the aircraft:-)

The aircraft featured is the Hawker Sea Fury T Mk 20 VX281 120.


Duxford Photoshoot – Tornado GR1

Another selection of shots from the recent photoshoot at Duxford. This Tornado GR1 was first in operation in 1983 and took part in the Gulf War. This is one of the most ‘un-restored’ aircraft we saw, it looks as though it has just come in the hangar straight from a sortie, it looks great and ‘authentic’ not like a museum piece.


Duxford Photoshoot – Hastings C1A

Another set of photos from the Duxford open viewing photoshoot. This time it is the Handley Page Hastings C1A, a troop carrier from the late 1940’s. This is the first time I have been in one of these aircraft and the upward slope of the cabin when on the ground is amazing. As usual with military troop carriers of the time all the seats for the troops faced backwards as that is the safest way in the event of a crash. A marvelous aircraft.