A close Shave

A gladiator in a fight with a German fighter over the desert sands.

A bit of fun with this artwork. I call it ‘A close Shave’. During the war, Gladiators based in Malta often took part in fights with superior German fighters Many survived due to their slow speed confusing the German pilots.


Auster Spotter Aircraft

This aircraft was seen at this years East Kirkby Airshow, the Auster AOP6, TW536

I wanted to show it in it’s native enviroment. This is the final version (so far). I wanted to show the aircraft in action spotting for the British artillary who were firing aginst some German tanks in the second world war.

Auster spotter aircraft

This was my first version without painting in the action elements. Good but does not show it in action.

Auster spotting over fields