Desert War Tornado

Desert Storm Tornado

In 2016 the RAF marked the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait by painting a Tornado GR4 ZD750 in distinctive Gulf War “desert pink” colours. I took a photo of this aircraft at a static park at the Royal International Air Tattoo, but thought it just had to be shown in it’s proper operating environment. Hence this piece of composite art.


The Flip

‘The Flip’

A Mk 14 Spitfire, MV268, getting ready to flip a V1 flying bomb onto its back.

Towards the end of the dark days of World War Two, Germany launched the first of its vengeance weapons against Britain, the V1 flying Bomb. As well as Anti-Aircraft guns shooting them down, the RAF developed 2 methods of destroying the V1s. They either got very close and shot them down, often damaging their own aircraft, or some pilots used their wing to flip over the V1 causing it to plunge to the ground. Both methods were difficult as the Spitfire could only just match the speed of the V1.


Auster Spotter Aircraft

This aircraft was seen at this years East Kirkby Airshow, the Auster AOP6, TW536

I wanted to show it in it’s native enviroment. This is the final version (so far). I wanted to show the aircraft in action spotting for the British artillary who were firing aginst some German tanks in the second world war.

Auster spotter aircraft

This was my first version without painting in the action elements. Good but does not show it in action.

Auster spotting over fields