A close Shave

A gladiator in a fight with a German fighter over the desert sands.

A bit of fun with this artwork. I call it ‘A close Shave’. During the war, Gladiators based in Malta often took part in fights with superior German fighters Many survived due to their slow speed confusing the German pilots.


Last man standing

Ok something very different. This is the first photoshoot that I have planned. I have called it ‘Last man standing – the loneliness of the last surviving family member’.
Quite a dark subject matter, but great fun to do.

This project was inspired by a course by Brooke Shaden & Sebastian Michaels where you take a theme, in this case loneliness in old age, and plan a photoshoot on the topic and create the final piece of art.  I really enjoyed the process and will be doing a few more projects like this.


Sunrise in the hills

Sun rising over the hills burning off the early morning mist

It has been a long time since I posted a picture here as I have been working on a different one, but it never came out how I wanted it, so I gave up on that one for a while and did this landscape instead.
I have called it ‘Sunrise in the Hills’ This place does not exist in real life it is a composite of several photos to try and bring my imagination to life. Hope you like it.